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About Kickstarter & Children’s books like Stunt Boy

Kickstarter – The 9 Months, 3 Weeks and 5 Days That I Was Famous

Hey Guys, this is my crowd project funding project for my latest novel The Nine Months, Three Weeks & Five Days That I Was Famous. This a novel that explores the modern day fame myth. I want this to be a Kickstarter Elite project that sees my novel released out into world. Kickstarter will help me project fund my novel to pay a professional editor and cover designer. Let’s Kickstart this into the strasophere.

Children’s books. The Adventures of Stunt Boy and His Amazing Wonder Dog Blindfold by Lollie Barr

Someone was out to get my dad. Everyone said it was an accident but I didn’t believe them, not even for a second …

and Stunt Boy is going to prove it.

With his amazing wonder dog Blindfold and his best friend Benny, Stunt Boy has to find out who is trying to sabotage Stoked Stunt Circus and close it down forever! He’s got some very BIG suspicions already …

A new best selling children’s book receiving stellar children’s book reviews from Australia, released by Pan Macmillan.